seraphina_snape (seraphina_snape) wrote in allcrossovers,

Fic: The Ghost Job (Leverage/Supernatural crossover, PG-13, gen)

Title: The Ghost Job
Summary: The Leverage crew takes on the case of Mindy who's trying to prove that her husband wants to kill her for her money. But when Cliff - the husband - is found dead, things start to go wrong. The Feds show up to question Mindy, but the two guys' badges are about as real as Hardison's FBI badge - something that Eliot realizes pretty much right away. With a mysterious death and two fake FBI agents in the mix, the case takes off in a direction that Parker, Eliot and Hardison could never have guessed.
Fandom(s): Leverage, Supernatural
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Eliot Spencer, Parker, Alec Hardison, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester; no pairings
Rating: PG-13? (nothing you wouldn't usually see on either show)
Word Count: ~ 10k
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Warnings/Spoilers: Very vague spoilers for the Leverage show finale. No warnings.
Notes: Written for a challenge @ leverageland (prompt: ghosts & hauntings). Set post season 5 for Leverage and season three-ish for Supernatural (let's all ignore the fact that the timelines don't match up, okay?).

read the fic on LJ or on AO3
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