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Duplicity (Victorian-era AU epic, BtVS/Xmen/Various)

Title: Duplicity
Authors: vikingprincess and eyelessblade
Fandoms: X-Men/BtVS/AtS/Sherlock Holmes/Frankenstein/Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde/Others
Main Characters: Angel, Cordelia, Gambit, Rogue, Willow, and Xander, multiple Ensembles
Ratings/Warnings: Mature Adults Only/R to NC-17 (Violence, Graphic Sex, Language, Kidnapping, Murder, Scientific Torture, Victorian-Era Racism and Sexism, BDSM, Dub-Con, Rape - most are not in every chapter, but all appear somewhere throughout the series.)
Disclaimers: The X-men belong to Marvel/Fox/Disney; BtVS/AtS belong to Whedon/Fox; the classic story references are public domain.
Word Count: Um. Enormous? Duplicity is a complete novel in twenty-one parts; the Duplicty-verse contains an additional twelve short stories.

Summary: When Victorian London is terrified by a series of mysterious, brutal murders and unsolved kidnappings, can the renowned detective Angel solve the mystery before those responsible succeed in their nefarious plots to birth the ultimate creature of power? Or will he be defeated by opponents with powers that are a match and more for his own? Meanwhile, on the other side of that ever-flexible line between justice and the law, can a confirmed rake, thief, and gambler manage to evade the entrapping web of his own criminal associations and defeat the Sherlockian mind of the vampire-turned-hero? Or will the sensual distraction of a beautiful American widow prove his downfall?

( Prologue and Chapter One )
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